Thursday, August 2, 2012

Korea Trip Day 08 - Nami Island

13th July (Day 8) NAMI ISLAND

Wake up and refresh.

Move to Nami Island by bus. Reached "Naminara Republic" entrance at 10.15am. Naminara is classified as one of micronations in the world. Check here for more info : micronations


Took ferry to reach to the Nami Island. Nami Island can be said as a man-made island. This is because previously Nami Island is part of mainland and only appears in form of island when it rains and floods. After the construcion of dam nearby, it remained as permanent island now.The Nami island was named after Korea's General Nami. Nami Island also famous as being the main location for South Korea's "Winter Sonata" drama shooting.

Nami Island

Signing on Designated Board as Remembarance

Lunch at Nami Island Winter Sonata Drama Cafe. What's for lunch? We had what we call "Nasi Goncang" in Malay, I don't know what they call it in Korea. It's basically rice with tuna in metal container, and we have to wear gloves and shake the container until rice and tune is fully mixed. After that we eat rice as usual.

Nami Island Winter Sonata Drama Cafe

Wearing Gloves Before Shake Our Food

After lunch we took a ride on Sky Bike. See picture for more.

Sky Bike

Sky Bike

View from Sky Bike

View From Sky Bike

We start moving back for Seoul. I managed to buy a piece of Naminara coin worth 1000won.

We reached at N Seoul Tower. It is very similar to our own KL tower, but not as tall, and it is located on top of hill. The famous Teddy Bear Museum is also located here. However due to time constraint, we couldn't visit the museum, so we just bought some souvenirs and go back.

We reached back and took rest.


We went out for shopping at Daison Mall, a small store near our guest house.

Came back, and slept. :)

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  1. what means of transportation you guys use? MTR or bus?



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