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Top 10 Brainteaser Questions For You To Try

Brain Teasers

To test your mental acuity, answer the following questions (the answers are in the link that follows at the end of the post)

1. Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?
2. A clerk at a butcher shop stands five feet ten inches tall and wears size 13 sneakers. What does he weigh?
3. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?
4. How much dirt is there in a hole that measures two feet by three feet by four feet?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Korea Trip Day 12 - Go Back

17th July (Day 12) GO BACK

Wake up and refresh

Leave from guest house
Go Back
Finally Boarding the Flight to Malaysia

Take Nap

Reached Airport

Checked in into boarding aeroplane

Board the plane

4pm (Malaysian time)
Reached back

Korea Trip Day 11 - Shopping @ Namdaemun

16th July (Day 11) SHOPPING Namdaemon

Wake up, refresh and breakfast

Leave to Silk Market at Jongno Gu by train
Hyehwa » Dongdaemon » Jongno 5 (0) ga

Shop at the silk markets. Apparently the price of silk material here is almost 50% lower compared to in Malaysia.

We went for lunch at traditional styled Korean Restaurant. Lunch was fried fish and vegetables.
Squid And Fried Fish

Side Dishes

Posing Before Eat

Lunch on Short Table

Enjoy the Meal

We went to Namdaemun. Namdaemun is famous for it's cheap souvenirs. Most of the souvenirs sold here is almost 50% - 70% cheaper compared to what we have seen many other places from the first day. For ladies, here is the place where you can find huge collection of accesorries such as earrings and ribbons for very cheap price.

We next proceeded to Dongdaemon to buy some clothes. We managed to get some clothes for very good bargain.

Reached back to guesthouse after shopping.

After dinner we went out again for 1 more final round shopping. We just went their retail mart (Core Mart) to get some dried and wet food to be brought home.
Our Dinner


Korea Trip Day 10 - Shopping @ Myeong-Dong

15th July (Day 10) SHOPPING Myeong-Dong

Today is our second last day in South Korea - which means it's time for shopping!!

Wake up and refresh

Take train to Myeong-Dong
Hyehwa » Myeong-Dong

Reached Myeong-Dong and go for lunch at Lotteria Fast Food (Shrimp Burger)

At Lotteria Fast Food

At Myeong-Dong

We split into small group and go for shopping
From what we found, most of the souvenirs sold here are quite expensive, but as for handbags, they are very cheap (from as low as RM28). The material was quite good too.

Take a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts :P

Drink Coffee

We met up back with everyone and walked to Namdaemun Market. Most of the shops in Namdemun was closed on Sundays, so we just go there today to survey the price. Tomorrow we will go again for final shopping.

We leave back to our guesthouse by train
Hoehyeon » Hyehwa

Reached room and refreshed

Dinner was Pizza


Korea Trip Day 09 - Yeosu World Expo

14th July (Day 9) YEOUSE WORLD EXPO

Wake up and refresh. Why so early? Well Yeouse is very far from Seoul and takes almost 4 hours journey to reach there.

We leave for Yeouse. We reached there at about 10.30am. It was a rainy day.
Once reach we went for lunch straight so that we can utilise the next few hours exploring the world expo.
Have Early Lunch


We entered the expo area and start exploring in small group. Well, what is this World Expo about? It is a yearly expo which is held in different countries every year. Previously China hosted this expo. In this expo, most of the countries of the world will open their booth in allocated place, and exhibit anything that could best represent their country. India for example displayed their traditional clothes and also architecture, US impressed us with their marvellous and powerful presentation and Malaysia with it's rainforest theme and also the traditional products of Sabah and Sarawak.
Entrance Ticket to the World Expo
Simulated Aquarium on Large Screen

Rainy day :(

Rainforest Setup in Malaysia's Booth

US Booth Presentation

We leave back to Seoul. On the way back we stopped by at R&R for dinner. We had noodles for the dinner, and seriously the taste was not bad.

We reached back guest house, refreshed and slept.

Korea Trip Day 07 - Ehwa Woman's University


Wake up and refresh

We took train to The War Memorial of Korea located at Samgakji
Hyehwa » Samgakji
The War Memorial of Korea

Reached The War Memorial of Korea. It is home to many real size war ships and aeroplanes used during South Korea's war against North Korea. There was also many historical display within the museum

The War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial Statue

Jet Fighter


Collection of Tankers

Ancient Turtle War Ship Replica

Miniatures of Korean Living Style

We took bus to Sinchon district for lunch. We reached a seafood restaurant, Kosami Restaurant. Lunch was rice with fish and squid dish. The fish and squid was really awesome, the best food I had while in South Korea.

Walk to Ehwa Campus Complex. It is a freaking awesome university, where a big portion of the university is concealed underground. It is very beautiful and the space inside is very big. The underground complex consists of lecture hall, administration hall, shops, and even a cinema.It really has high class of aesthethic value.
Ehwa Woman's University Complex

Lecture Halls and Other Part of Campus Concealed Underground

Park - Literally on Top of the Ehwa Campus

Ehwa Campus Park

Leave to Hangang River Park by train
Ehwa Woman's Univ. Station » Chungjeongno » Yeouinaru
Reached at 5.10pm. We just took rest while the Muslims went for prayers. After that we took a ride on Hangang River Park Cruise. The whole cruise was about 1 hour.
Hanyang River Park

Hanyang River Cruise

Hanyang River Cruise

Go back to guest house by train
Yeouinaru » Hyehwa

Dinner for the day was Lotteria's chicken burger.


Korea Trip Day 06 - KAIST

11th July (Day 6) KAIST

Wake up and refresh. We had to wake up so early because KAIST is very far from the place we stay.

Leave to KAIST by bus - Reached KAIST International Center at 9am

Introduction from KAIST International Center student representative. We was introduced to the purpose of International Center at KAIST as well as overview of KAIST campus
International Center

Introduction about UTM by UTM representative. Was introduced about overview of UTM Skudai and also UTM International Campus
Intro Session

After introduction session we was specifically brought to visit the Electrical Engineering Department at KAIST. Here we was enlightened about the course structure as well as administration of Electrical Engineering Department by Prof Myung Jin Chung. UTM also was given opportunity to present, where UTM lecturer Dr Kamal presented about Fakulti Kejuruteraan ELektrik UTM.
UTM Lecturer Dr Kamal Presenting Souvenir to Prof Myung Jin Chung

Dr Salinda Presenting Souvenir to KAIST Representative

After the exchange session, we was treated with Korean Traditional food, Bibimbap. We found out that Bibimbap is usually served to welcome guests.

We was then brought around the campus for a campus tour. The university is very huge and has many environmental value, parallel with the university's aim to be a green campus. We was impressed with KAIST's electric shuttle bus which uses magnetic strip which was buried under the road to generate green energy. It is widely used for in campus travelling. After visiting the campus, we stopped by at souvenir shop.
UTM Delegation to South Korea

From KAIST, we then went to National Science Museum. The museum is very huge with wide aspect of technology and history for display. Among the key attraction at National Science Museum was the history of Magnetic Levitated Train and also dinosaur skeleton. However due to time constraint, we was not able to see much of the displays.

Our next stop is Itaewon, which is for dinner. The journey took almost 2 hours, where we reached Itaewon at 6.30pm. Itaewon is famous as hub for foreign foods. Itaewon also is where a big mosque is located for the Muslims.

We went to Maharaja Restaurant where we was finally treated with a food so much similar to Malaysian food. It was a buffet style restaurant and the food was awesome.

After dinner, we walked around the street while the Muslims went to mosque to pray. There are wide range of items and souvenirs sold, but due to the fact the place being a trourist center, everything is very expensive.

We took train to go back to our guest house.
Itaewon » Samgakji » Hyehwa

Reached back


Korea Trip Day 05 - Hanyang University

10th July (Day 5) - HANYANG UNIVERSITY

Wake and refresh

Take train to Hanyang Unversity Station
Hyehywa  »  Gongdaemon History and Culture Park  »  Hanyang University

Hanyang University

Hanyang University Map

Hanyang Universiti

Reached Hanyang University and received by Professor Seung-Beck Lee
We was given presentation Hanyang University and also introduction to Department of Electrical Engineering
Professor Seung-Beck Lee of Hanyang University
Listening to Briefing

Campus Tour where we was shown around the facilies available, such as labs, and Hanyang Universities clean room where memory chips are tested.

Hanyang Clean Room Facility for Chip Fabrication

 Lunch at Alchon Restaurant
Alchon Restaurant

Take train to Samseong Station
Wangsimni  »  Samseong

Reached Coex Mall. It is a shopping complex with Samsung exhibition going on at the time we visited. Apart from that there were also many cosmetic shops in Coex Mall.

Take train to Dongdaemon History and Culture Park
Samseong  »  Dongdaemon History and Culture Park
Here is flea market with a lot of souvenirs and clothes. However it is very famous for its underground market. However the price is quite expensive.

We walked to Dongdaemon station and took train back to guest house
Dongdaemon  »  Hyehwa

Reached room and refreshed

Dinner - Vegetarian Pizza from Pizza School fast food


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Korea Trip Day 04 - City Hall and Trick Eye Museum


Wake up and refresh

Take train to City Hall
Hyehwa » Dongdaemon History and Culture Park » City Hall

Reach City Hall

At City Hall
Walk along Chongae Stream - Chongae Stream is one of the the achievement of Seoul City because of the clean treated water which runs through the center of city. Apparently the view at night is much more beautiful because of the lightings and sceneries.
Chongae Stream
The River Is So Well Maintained That You Can Even Wash Hand In The Stream

We had lunch under one bridge alongside the river. Lunch was shrimp burger and chicken burger from Lotteria fast food outlet.
A Small Galeria Under The Bridge
We Had Lunch Here

We walked to a folk museum about 15 minutes away from the City Hall, but too bad for us, the museum was closed on Monday. However we was lucky enough to have found a booth which allows us to try on Korean Emperor's traditional clothes. It was a memorable experience for us all.
The "Emperors"

We moved to Trick Eye Museum by train
Chungjeongno » Hongik University
We walked to Trick Eye Museum from Hongik University Station

Reached Trick Eye Museum. The museum is home to a vast collection of illusion tricks and drawings of real life size. It was really a worthwhile trip to this museum because there is no such museum in Malaysia.
Entrance to Trick Eye Museum
Climbing Stairs
Fruit Dropping Out of Picture
Group Photo

Leave back
Hongik University » Dongdaemon History and Culture Park » Hyehwa

Reached back Hyehwa.
Before reached room we surveyed movie timing for Spiderman movie at GCV cinema.
We reached back room and refreshed ourselves.

Dinner was Omrice, which is very similar to Nasi Goreng Pataya. It is a fried rice, covered on top by fried egg.

10.10pm - 1.10am
Went for The Amazing Spiderman movie

Reach back room and sleep


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