Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“Morse Code” Decoding–The Code And Corresponding Letters

Have you watched detective series, anime or the same sort? Familiar with the word Morse Code?

Ever since a kid, I was always amazed on the ability of detectives who sometimes come across cases, where they usually solve Morse Code with a breeze in order to get a clue. Apart from in TV series, those who have joined school’s extracurricular activity such as camping might have come across this code.

It is essential and might be helpful to know how to use these codes, who knows we might need it in future?

Thus here is a basic list of common alphabet and number codes in Morse.

Morse Code Key for Letters Numbers Languages

Punctuations :

Fullstop .-.-.-
Comma --..--
Query ..—..

Hope this helps. Winking smile

Source : Haven Works - Morse Code

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