Saturday, March 20, 2010

Download From Youtube By Typing 'OK'

Hmm always wonder how to download from Youtube? If you have the latest Internet Download Manager, then you can download straight, but if you don't?

Just follow this simple steps :

You can download videos from Youtube just by typing "OK"

Yeah,it's not a joke... You just have to type "OK" between www. and youtube...

eg ..

My Intro

Hi everyone. This is my 1st blogspot and this is the 1st post in it. I simply created it to share some of my thoughts, ideas or maybe even some tips and tricks and fun stuffs.

I might not be able to update this blog everyday because of the time constraint and also limited internet connection, but I'll try to update it as frequent as possible. Please be free to share with me any nice and interesting topics for me to put here.

Just feel free to spend just a bit of your time here and enjoy.


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